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Upcycle your favorite quilt into a comfortable, timeless jacket that you can enjoy for years to come. Read more about this item here...

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About Little Bee & Co.

I grew up creating. It’s always been my “thing,” I guess. I’ve been surrounded by creative women and men my entire life. On my mom’s side: My great-grandmother, Gram, was a quilter, a crocheter, and an incredible sewist. My Grandmother, Baba, is a multimedia artist wizard; painter, drawer, sculptor, collager. You name it. She’s good at it. My Grandfather, Papa, was a woodworker, tinkerer, and major creative genius. My mom, a mosaic sculpture artist, and an incredible creator. On my dad’s side: My grandmother, Nonna, is a writer, poet, songwriter, painter, and more. My grandfather, Papa, was a singer, songwriter, and a lover of all things music. My dad doesn’t draw much, but when he does, damn! he’s great! I love all of these creative influences and I hold each of these mediums close to my heart. I’ve been surrounded by creativity on all sides. It’s no wonder I am where I am right now; I feel lucky. I could go on and on.

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