hello and welcome!

Welcome to my little online shop! I’m all about creating sweet items to make you feel funky! 

Shop around, and treat yourself to a sweet little bee creation! All items are handmade with love and care on the central coast of California. 

I’m astonished by the amount of support I have received throughout this past year. We’ve all been going through it, some have definitely had it worse than others. I feel very very lucky to have this creative outlet and people who come back and support me time and time again. I’ve been full-time funk for the past 5 MONTHS babaay (I can’t even believe it). I have always dreamt of running my own business full-time and so far it’s been amazing (let’s see how this goes heheh). I started this little bee journey creating jewelry pieces in the summers between school years. Throughout college, I dabbled in various side-hustles and I officially started my “littlebeecreations” Instagram selling puff-ball earrings and promoting the concert posters for events I put on with my friends. After college, I had a loooooot more time to commit to my crafts and I started sewing swimsuits and velvety things in the fall of 2019 when I moved to San Luis Obispo, California. I would sell funky custom-made-to-order velvet pieces and swimwear for anyone and everyone. I slowly transitioned into creating an inventory of items because the made-to-order side of things made me lose my creative drive. Since Fall of last year, I’ve committed to creating beautiful handmade clothing and jewelry for beautiful people. I absolutely love what I do and appreciate the amazing support I’ve received during this crazy ass year. I’m always trying new things and seeing what works for me and for the people who purchase my goods. I’m just one person and am always trying to improve my craft. So seriously, thank you everyone who has supported me so far. We semi-recently moved to Los Osos and I officially have my very own work studio where I can make as many messes as I want!! I’m loving my life here and I am so thankful for all that I have. I feel like I am always transitioning someway somehow and I’ve been trying to get into more eco-friendly fabrics recently. I think I’m going to lean into the pre-order model for now and see how it goes. It seems that everyone can find what they want and get it in any size they are comfortable in. I’m excited to wake up everyday and be able to create!

Thank you for being here and supporting my little dream.

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