Bamboo Jersey Knit Thongs!


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YAHooooo! This has long been a requested item from y’all and I’m so happy to have the materials to make it happen now. These babies will be MADE TO ORDER, so I won’t have any stock of these on hand. There are four color options available to choose from so you can mix and match and do what ya want! Since these are made to order, I can make this for you sooooo many sizes ranging from XXS-5XL. Each thong is $12 each or 20% off when you order three or more! It truly is a screaming deal if you compare it to other brands. Much love y’all. You are beautiful.

A message from a VERY stoked customer:

What the actual heck?! My undies came in the mail. Never have I ever worn panties that were so comfortable!!!!! Like ever! My hoo ha is so happy! 🤣