Hey, y’all. I’m back and feeling better than ever. I took a much needed 3-month break from social media, to stop, think, destress, and take the time that I was spending unproductively on social media to actually listen to the news, take in what’s happening in the world, learn, unlearn, and figure out what I have the power to do to help. I shared a while back before I stepped away from social media that I would be donating 20% of my June monthly profits to a BIPOC organization, which I will still be doing, but since I generate most of my sales through Instagram, these last 3 months have been super duper low sales months for me. I want to keep my thought process transparent with y’all! SO, 20% of my June/July/August profits will be split evenly to 2 organizations. 10% will be going to Campaign Zero, and 10% will be going to the Navajo and Hopi COVID 19 Relief Fund. Moving forward, I will be donating 10% of my monthly profits to an organization or possibly organizations of my choosing, and suggestions are always welcome. Hopefully, in the future I can do more, but as my goal is to transition into running my business full-time, 10% is what I feel comfortable doing for the foreseeable future. 

During this time away, I have transitioned into solely making ready-to-ship items rather than strictly made to order items because the custom orders started to feel like homework assignments rather than passion projects.  I really started out enjoying making custom items, but as soon as it became unfun for me, I decided that I needed to make a change. I received a TON of fabric after months of the velvet being back-ordered, so once I got it, I started working on an inventory. I’ve updated my online store now and have a variety of velvet items, miscellaneous denim embellishments, some Teeny Bees stuff, and a TON of earrings(I had to make myself stop making jewelry because the space issue was getting out of hand hahaha). Right now, I have a bunch of wrap tees in small, medium, and large in almost every color. Since those are the sizes that I have received the most of, that’s what I’ve started out with, but I know that these sizes aren’t representative of everyone, so as I start getting stuff and running again, I will be taking size requests for items that I currently don’t have stocked. 

On a fun, not business-related other life update what’s going on with me kind of note:

I finally released my first EP, Loneliness!! I’ve been working on these songs for three years and it felt so great to get them out into the world. With the help of SO many friends, I was finally able to put Loneliness out into the world and feel confident about the way it sounds. It’s on Spotify and most other streaming platforms, so take a listen and let me know what you think! I’m really excited to start playing live again whenever I can, but for now, you can listen online. 🙂

I’ve been really excited to feel passionate about creating again and not feeling stressed out about something that I am doing for fun. It’s been a huge few months for me to take a breath and destress. My grandma gave me two giant, and I mean GIANT trash bags full of yarn that she’s accumulated over the years, so I dove deep into some yarn crafts. I bought a look and I’ve been weaving like no other. I highly recommend trying it out. It’s one of those crafts where you can be really really skilled and make crazy stuff, but you can have no skill whatsoever and still make really incredible pieces of art. If anyone would be interested in a little online wine & weaving workshop together, I’m so game. 

Bryce and I traveled to Pennsylvania to see his family and pick up his new truck (ow! ow!) since his last car was wrecked by a drunk driver. We both had the month off of work, so we took our time meandering and camping and weaving 🙂 along the way. Holy hell, was it nice to have a change of scenery! We camped mostly in National Forests outside of various State and National parks, bathed in rivers, watched the stars, and drove on some crazy-ass 4WD roads (100% Bryces idea, but I warmed up to it). We stopped to see my family once we were back in California and we are finally home again. Bryce has settled into his new job at Vannon, which he’s very excited about and I’m sewing, weaving, punch-needling, and just generally crafting away! Life is good and I’m feeling refreshed. I’m very excited about this new phase! Thanks for listening. Love you mucho.