A girl and her dog! I always feel my spunkiest when I’m rocking my handmade creations. Today an old man at costco told me I had very nice clothes so I think I’ve made it. 🧐 Summer Jumps are now available in a full-length style! (PS thanks everyone for the orders and remaining patient with me as I update my site!)
How freaaaaaking cute does Mack look in her Little Bee Ralls!?!?🌼✨ Whattaaaa goddess and a shining star of a human being!⚡️ You can grab yourself a pair of these in any size/color you can dream up! Hit up the pre-order section of my site to grab some made to order goodness! (Earrings from the all powerful @erin.co2 )
OKAY HEYOOOO. I decided to open up a little Bamboo Jersey Knit Pre-Order for those who want PJs, bikers, or some of the other styles I’ve made with this fabric. Check my story for more details and help choose what colors you want to see!! 🌈
Bamboo Velour loungewear is now live on the site!!! You can order from 5 funkalicious colors and 5 different styles. Mix and match your colors or keep it monochrome babaaaaayy! All handmade to order with love in our sweet little spot in Los Osos❤️ I may add some additional styles at some point but we’re gonna start here and see how it goes! I do also promise that jersey knit loungewear will be going down in the future but for now, I’d like to bust through some of these stocked fabrics🌈
Bamboo velour babies!!! You can snag this pair from my online shop OR snag a pair in any velvet color you could dream up OR hit the pre-order and grab some cow print or leopard print. Your options are LIMITLESS and you have the potential to look THIS FUNKY!
🌈Big, bright, and funky earrings to add some spice to any outfit🌈 I’ve definitely paused on making earrings for a while after I went ham and made waaaaay too many🥵 Most earrings are still *heavily* discounted on the site so definitely go check that out. Much love! Happy Thursday!